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For the creative woman who is being called to activate her fullest expression, get cozy with being visible, take up BIG space, and expand into her wild, inherently worthy BEing so she can take her soul biz and life to the next level



Wild + Worthy is a one month, self-led journey within to rewrite your story, alchemize any shadows, and be reborn into your soul's expansive vision with ALOT more confidence. This evidence based process will allow you to ditch the doubt and rewire your brain to align with your dreams ASAP. If you are ready to stop hiding and love the parts of you that you’ve been shaming, so that you can show up in your magnetism and attract your desires just by being you, Wild + Worthy is definitely for you!



Wild + Worthy will be delivered over the course of one month

with weekly updates sent to your email. It includes 4 weekly lessons and soul assignments, all available to download and revisit at any time. A list of resources plus an epic playlist and so much more will also be made available.


If you would love to add on one month of private mentorship and get special pricing for 1:1 coaching ( includes up to three 1 hour Zoom sessions to be used over one month) or Voxer (private voice/text messaging app with access for up to 3 days/week for 4 weeks) as you move through the course, you can opt in now below or at any time by contacting me.


Week 1 - uncovering what’s holding you back and

writing a new, incredibly empowering  story 

Week 2 - boundaries and asking for what you really need and want

Week 3 - being seen with love through the shadows

Week 4 - REBIRTH


Cannot wait to see who
else says is YOU?

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