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A (Self) Love Story

A powerfully liberating masterclass 
(+ optional
upgrade!)  to rewrite the greatest love story of your life - YOU!!

Are you so over any unhelpful self talk and/or limiting behaviors and want to shift your story to claim a new NOW as sovereign, on purpose, and lit up YOU?

Is it time to reallllly fall in love with yourself?

For the first time OR more deeply than ever?

And again and again?

Do you want to finally surrender and let supreme self love be the light leading the way to your destiny?


I am SO freaking thrilled to announce the return of one of my most popular masterclasses ever (all new for 2024 btw! and with an optional upgrade to access 8 days of additional high level tools and content!), to do all the above

and wayyy more!

JOIN US for an incredible experiment, expansion, and quantum leap...A (Self) Love Story


In the dynamic, virtual masterclass (plus an optional upgrade including 8 days of additional rituals and tools), I will offer powerful and liberating AF practices to release the subconscious programming that's holding you back and guide you to rewrite your best ever self love story.

Those who say YES will be offered a powerful calibration back to YOU and your inherent worth so you can meet your destiny with more confidence and calm than ever before.



Invest in full for both the masterclass +
8 day content upgrade and save $$$ 
= $143

Invest via 2 biweekly payments for both the
masterclass and 8 day content upgrade
= 2 x $88

Invest in the masterclass only = $77


The 90 minute recording of the MASTERCLASS will be emailed

to you and is yours to keep and revisit forever!


Go deeper and integrate by also getting access to 8 days of additional powerful content. Included in the content upgrade are daily prompts, rituals, and highly transformative tools. Some of the topics covered include celebration, intuition, receiving and more...


Q. What is the time commitment?

A. The masterclass is approximately 90 minutes. Should you need to watch it in sections over a day or period of days, that's totally cool! Make it work for you. The level of participation in the (optional) upgrade of 8 days of activities and tools is up to you. You will have lifetime access to revisit the both the masterclass and upgrade activities.

Q. I've never done this type of work / I'm a coach or healer this for me? 

A. YES & YES. Come as you are. I am here to hold you in the most loving of spaces. I assure you, all are welcome. And all have been in my previous programs and ascended like woah. We're waiting for you.


Have questions? Send me a message.

And be sure to check out what my clients are saying...


 I cannot wait to see who else says YES

to A (Self) Love Story!!! Is it YOU?!

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