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Love Notes

"I first met Jessica by participating in one of her live online New Moon Circles. I felt immediately at ease in her presence. The New Moon Circle was a profound, safe, and deeply satisfying experience. The guided meditation resonated strongly with me.

A few days later, I was upset about a personal situation. I texted friends who said all the right things, but I thought it might be helpful to process it with someone who didn't know me. I had found Jessica so wise, warm, and insightful that I approached her about booking a live online one-on-one session. She made it easy and we were able to connect within a couple of days. I had another wonderful experience. I found Jessica to be a great listener who asked thoughtful questions that helped me reframe the situation. And as with the New Moon Circle, the guided meditation moved me deeply and I felt better about things right away. The situation I had come to her about started resolving almost immediately. What a relief to no longer feel heavy sadness over it! It all burned away in the bonfire of the guided meditation. 

I will not hesitate to seek Jessica out again. I will be a regular at the New Moon Circles and will look forward to seeking out her warmth and wisdom the next time I need help and support."

-Diane, teacher/musician/writer 

"When I first met Jess, I had no clear goal or path in life. After our first meeting, I started to look at what my dream would require of me and what I would need to do to get there. With Jess’s guidance and advice, I started to make strides and I started to grow as a person so I could really take in everything.

The help Jess gave me didn’t stop, she helped me find a path to have a successful career and to fully help me find myself as a person, which really went so hand in hand for me. Without Jess, I am not sure I would have gotten here and am so lucky to have had her get me through."

-Lindsey, Publicist

"I did Jessica's virtual new moon circle and it was incredible. The entire experience was beautifully introspective, warm, and inviting. We got to do these crazy accurate readings with literally the most beautiful cards I've ever seen and learned so much valuable information on how the moon affects us. We both started and ended with a meditation which was my favorite part because Jessica's ability to lead a guided meditation is almost miraculous. She brought me to this amazing place within myself where I was able to see my life more clearly and receive very clear messages from spirit on how to proceed. If it wasn't for her group, I would not have been as prepared when so much change began to happen almost a week later. I couldn't recommend her services enough."

-Leah G., student

"The circle was so beautiful and it was wonderful to connect with you and all the sisters who made it. I could definitely feel the energy from everyone as well! Can’t wait for the next one!" 

-Kim R.

"The New Moon Circle was relaxing and empowering. It’s my first virtual circle but not my first circle, the strength was really there. This was the first time that I‘ve used Zoom, it was very easy. Thank you, Jessica Winthrop-Oney!"

- Heather W.

"You are a beautiful spirit and offer so much love, comfort and peace to the people you serve."

- Heather, Entrepreneur

"Brilliant! Made me stand up and take note."

- Nicky Q., Personal Trainer


"Your light shines like a dazzling star!  The New Moon circle, you, and the content was so rich and beautiful.  Thank you, Jessica and sisters for a lovely new moon together! "

- Monique R., Facilitator

"I was able to easily follow your guidance and find my way out of my head."

- Erica, Educator

"It's so beautiful to see a sister find something that lights her up - just so sure and right! 

- Nell, therapist