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"When I first met Jess, I had no clear goal or path in life. After our first meeting, I started to look at what my dream would require of me and what I would need to do to get there. With Jess’s guidance and advice, I started to make strides and I started to grow as a person so I could really take in everything. The help Jess gave me didn’t stop, she helped me find a path to have a successful career and to fully help me find myself as a person, which really went so hand in hand for me. Without Jess, I am not sure I would have gotten here and am so lucky to have had her get me through."

-Lindsey, Publicist

"You are an all-around AMAZING woman, coach, and badass and are such a gift to many! Thanks for showing up for YOU and sharing your gifts in such a powerful way!" 

-Stephanie Bellinger, Founder of 

"I first met Jessica by participating in one of her online New Moon Circles. I felt immediately at ease in her presence. The New Moon Circle was a profound, safe, and deeply satisfying experience. The guided meditation resonated strongly with me.


A few days later, I was upset about a personal situation and I thought it might be helpful to process it with someone who could serve as my mirror. I found Jessica so wise, warm, and insightful that I booked a live one-on-one coaching session. I had another wonderful experience. I found Jessica to be a great listener who asked thoughtful questions that helped me reframe the situation. And as with the New Moon Circle, the guided meditation she led moved me deeply and I felt better about things right away. The situation I had come to her about started resolving almost immediately. What a relief to no longer feel heavy sadness over it!


It quickly became clear that I needed to look deeper into myself, to absorb the lessons and to grow. So I returned to Jessica and we worked together in live online coaching sessions for several months. It was wonderful to feel heard, supported and not feel judged. After each session, Jessica sent me assignments that involved being attentive to my behavior, reactions, and choices, and asking what needed to be done next. That told me she was really listening and fully present. I so appreciated that.


I will not hesitate to work with Jessica again when I need guidance. In the meantime, I will be a regular at New Moon Circles and will encourage others to seek her out. I’m so grateful for everything Jessica did for me! She is an absolutely fantastic and compassionate teacher and I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without her. To anyone thinking about working with Jessica: DO IT. My work with her was life changing."

-Diane, teacher/musician/writer

"You are a beautiful spirit and offer so much love, comfort and peace to the people you serve."

- Heather, Entrepreneur

love is the only word to describe what w

"Brilliant! Made me stand up and take note."

- Nicky, Personal Trainer

"I did Jessica's virtual new moon circle and it was incredible. The entire experience was beautifully introspective, warm, and inviting. We got to do these crazy accurate readings with literally the most beautiful cards I've ever seen and learned so much valuable information on how the moon affects us. We both started and ended with a meditation which was my favorite part because Jessica's ability to lead a guided meditation is almost miraculous. She brought me to this amazing place within myself where I was able to see my life more clearly and receive very clear messages from spirit on how to proceed. If it wasn't for her group, I would not have been as prepared when so much change began to happen almost a week later. I couldn't recommend her services enough."

-Leah G., student

"I have felt much better overall since the Joyous Journey, taking time for myself and having fun, plus I’m feeling more focused overall at work and with my time. That has been incredible! Thanks again, dear!"


"I invited Jessica to teach laughter yoga at my event - Sober Sister Circle.  After doing some heavy healing work, the women LOVED being lifted by Jessica and this joyful modality. Jessica confidently held space for my group and led them through a fun, light, and silly practice. The women had a BLAST and it was the choice activity of the day. Beyond that, Jessica taught us about the brain science behind laughter which was thoughtfully presented and helped the audience more deeply connect with the practice. We loved having Jessica as part of our day and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

-Renee Carlson, Founder of My Soulful Sobriety

"The coaching session was great yesterday, it was wonderful to connect with you in person and to know that it's OK to set intentions that have less to do with actually doing things and more to do with just being. The cards you pulled were spot on for me. I had chills when I read them! 



"You are a contagious bright light."

-Laura M, analyst

"Thank you for having me last night at the New Moon Circle. It was so freaking magical! I was definitely a bit nervous knowing that it was being recorded (evident when I went back and saw how many times I said "like" lol) but, I typically start out anything new with some nerves.  You did a beautiful job of making everyone feel comfortable and really customizing it to what we needed. I especially loved when you encouraged us to be silly with shaking ourselves up! I'd love to start doing this with my family because we could definitely use some silly shaking after long days at work and school. 


I'm feeling on fire inspired! I was thinking about how I can keep track of my intentions and you had some great ideas last night. I'm going to write them out and place them on my altar so they're there to look at in the morning and before I go to bed. This is huge because I tend to forget my intentions as the month rolls along. Woot woot! 


I will FOR SURE be signing up for the next circle! Please keep me posted!"

-Mary S., administrator

"Thank you for hosting the New Moon Circle! We had the best experience! We talked about it the whole way home. We’ll of course be back!"

-Kelly D. 

when souls find comfort in one another,

"The circle was amazing!!! So powerful. I cried. It was a wonderful experience and you hold the container so well. I felt transported by your meditation. Can’t wait for the next one!!!"

-Toni S.

"I was able to easily follow your guidance and find my way out of my head."

- Erica, Educator

"I’ve been getting used to the idea of becoming uncomfortable, because I’ve found that when we lean in to doing and trying new things that seem different or outside of our comfort zone, that’s where (as they say) the magic happens; where true healing and growth begin to take place. When Jessica introduced the idea of laughter yoga to a group of us at a circle, I was very intrigued. I love laughter. I love yoga. “Ok, I’m in! How does it work?” And what I love about Jessica and her approach is that not only is she hilarious, which is perfect since you know, we are laughing, but she’s also patient and caring, so at each step of the way she’s checking in to see how we are feeling, AND she walks the walk — demonstrating each laugh and movement first before expecting us to join in, which made us all feel a lot less silly and a lot more receptive to the experience. By the end of our time together, the laughter was genuine and cathartic and my favorite part of the circle that day. I cannot recommend Jessica highly enough if you’re looking for something fun and new to help you on your journey and path to healing."

-Taryn Dickey, Mindset Mentor

"The guided meditation you led was absolutely magical! Thank you for holding space. You are a gift!"

-Heather, Intuitive and Healer

"The circle was so beautiful and it was wonderful to connect with you and all the sisters who made it. I could definitely feel the energy from everyone as well! Can’t wait for the next one!" 

-Kim R.

"It's so beautiful to see a sister find something that lights her up - just so sure and right!" 

- Nell, therapist

"The New Moon Circle was relaxing and empowering. It’s my first virtual circle but not my first circle, the strength was really there. This was the first time that I‘ve used Zoom, it was very easy. Thank you, Jessica!"

- Heather W.

"Your light shines like a dazzling star!  The New Moon circle, you, and the content was so rich and beautiful.  Thank you, Jessica and sisters for a lovely new moon together! "

- Monique R., Facilitator

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