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SOUL MAP is a powerful, step by step, easy daily formula and activation PLUS self led course to safely anchor into your divine purpose and creative magic so you can act on it NOW - your way - and make the impact you came here to make in your soul calling, biz, and life.

And it's arriving to YOU asap! 

Two of the most commons questions I've gotten recently are 1) how do I connect to and trust my intuition more powerfully on my next steps or creative ideas? 2) how do I commit to my vision, purpose, and business on the daily so I can realize my dreams when it sometimes feels like my head is going to spin off / I'm exhausted / no one's listening / there's not enough time / I am just not feeling it / I'm "blocked" (insert other reason)?


And it hit me...


Every day, I walk myself through a science-backed, spiritually-led, and extraordinary effective process which helps me to do EXACTLY those two things.  And it's led me to my best life, working with the dreamiest of clients in my full time soul call biz, experiencing deeper healing and greater levels of love, peace and abundance than ever before.

And BOOM...SOUL MAP was born! YAY!!!

If YOU are craving a simple process to move from inaction to action or from stagnancy, overwhelm, and fear to clarity, confidence and steady commitment on your unique soul calling in life - SOUL MAP is for you.


Via learning and implementing this unique, totally customizable, and proven daily process that is SOUL MAP you will unlock the codes to increase magnetism, grow confidence, and be clearly led straight towards your dreams, yes - on the daily!

Get the SOUL MAP COURSE to learn and experience this potent and dynamic formula and start seeing a massive shift in your day to day. The course is delivered via the SOUL MAP SOUL BOOK. This very special PPF includes the 90 minute SOUL MAP workshop recording, a daily checklist, a 30 day inventory to ensure your success, bonuses, and special surprises I think you will love! 

OR upgrade and get the SOUL MAP EXTENDED MEDITATION BUNDLE, too! This bundle of 5 all new, channeled mini meditations were created specifically to complement the work we do in SOUL MAP. Upgrading gives you access to the meditation playlist to listen, download, and revisit forever. 

If you know this is something you need and desire in your life like yesterday... 


If you can you imagine how grounded and sure and lit up you will feel... 


If you can you sense how this is going to impact not just your soul work but also your relationships, family, and the collective consciousness to be so tapped in and on purpose...


This experience is going to shift everything for you - and rapidly. And I cannot wait to welcome you!


Q. What is the time commitment?

A. The SOUL MAP workshop recording itself is 90 minutes and the daily process you learn takes just 5 minutes a day (more if you want)

Q. Why should I upgrade into the SOUL MAP EXTENDED MEDITATION bundle?

A. These 5 mini meditations are new additions to my personal library of channeled meditations and were recorded specifically to complement the work in SOUL MAP. Upgrading now means you get another super powerful tool in your tool kit (the meditations are worth it alone, I'm told) and you also save $. 

Q. I have no experience in this / I've never done this type of work / I'm shy / I'm a coach or healer this for me? 

A. YES YES YES & YES. Come as you are. I am here to hold you in the most loving of spaces. I assure you, all are welcome. And all have been in my previous programs and ascended like woah. We're waiting for you.

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Is this your time?

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