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Coaching, Mentorship and Healing


 Coaching, mentorship and healing is available via virtual or phone 1:1 sessions and/or Voxer.

I have options ranging from a single mini intuitive healing 1:1 session to

up to 1 year of dedicated support. I also have two distinct 1:1 coaching containers,

IMPACT INCUBATOR (for creatives, entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to ditch fear + overwhelm and turn their creative calling into a plan, cash + crazy impact / 1, 3 or 6 months) and

SELF LOVE PROPHECY (for those ready to stop the negative self talk once and for all

and step into Queen energy / 8 weeks).

Invest in a Mini Intuitive healing 1:1 session


Invest in Voxer 


If you are seeking longer term 1:1 options (such as IMPACT INCUBATOR

or SELF LOVE PROPHECY) and/or group support, let's connect.

Send me a message or schedule a complimentary Soul Biz Clarity Call

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