a mini mind

meet your desired state through the holidays and/or start of winter and land into 2023 fully grounded + ready for what’s next

Are you ready to be held so you can fully arrive - on your terms?

This is a 3 week Voxer group mini-mind for accountability + support to

at this special time of the year to help you land exactly as you wish.

This will run from 12/21 - 1/11.

This bundle includes:

-Voxer group chat (private voice/text/video app) for

community, support, and love as well as coaching from me.

I will be regularly checking in and prompting you, ensuring all feel held and supported during this potent time.

-Includes a live virtual Q/A session in the last week 


Ready to LAND, together?

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to Manifest IT: the bundle!!!


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By purchasing, you agree to the terms and conditions.