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Reunited Summer


Are you ready to align with your BIG dreams - together? Lessgooooo, gorgeous!!!!!!


REUNITED Summer is a private, 3 month, cocreative

and ultra expansive sisterhood designed to hold + align you

with your dreams + we are calling you in now, love!


If YOU desire to reclaim your time and rewrite your story to meet your goals, while experiencing the incredibly powerful and transformational benefits of reuniting with the now moment (THE vortex of creation), connection, and a regular, elevated spiritual practice, this sisterhood it IT!

Reunited will begin (again! ahhhh! thank you, Universe!) mid June, with virtual biweekly gatherings in sacred circle, a safe space to hear and be heard and see and be seen, with channeled meditations, coaching + other magic! There will also be a private Voxer group chat  for deeper connection, plus all replays, an epic playlist, and any resources are also included.

At the conclusion of our time together, you *will* leave more at peace, grounded, and on purpose and on track with those big dreams and the feeling will be absolutely priceless!!!

Click here to check out this client spotlight and also check out this feedback from the incredible women in the last two rounds of Reunited....

"Reunited has been a real eye opening gift. I have been so fortunate to have the support of wonderful women as well as gain confidence in myself. I can go into a situation, make mistakes or not, look at it back in review and from a clear perspective see where things went great and see where I can make improvements. I can see where I can make better boundaries for myself, not fall into old patterns, recognize my own gifts and still be a phenomenal woman. I can do all of this without spiraling or beating myself up over mistakes. This is a gift."

"I absolutely recommend Reunited as well as all of Jessica’s circles. Jessica is kind and compassionate and gives me the space to grow and feel supported."

"I LOVED it!!! The circles were what I originally signed up for, and they were amazing. It always feels so good to gather with like-minded women who will listen to what is going on with you in a supportive way. What I didn't expect was the Voxer group. It was so great to have a space to touch base with the group and get support and accountability on a daily basis throughout the two rounds of Reunited! Between the circles and the Voxer group, I fulfilled the intentions I had for myself in both rounds, even if I came at them in unexpected ways. I left both rounds feeling more at peace and grounded."

"I ABSOLUTELY recommend Reunited!! Taking time out of your busy life to gather with other women who are walking a spiritual path just shifts your energy in unexp
lained ways."

"Every time I work with Jessica, I come out of the process having gained something I didn't expect. Even when my life seems like it's going REALLY well, her programs always uplevel my life in different ways. She is so supportive, and I highly recommend working with her!"

"REUNITED is absolutely worth the time and financial investment in yourself. My days are far less like roller coasters. I recognize my and accept my humanness."


  • REUNITED Summer is a 3 month sisterhood with sacred, expansive circles held biweekly for 1 hour via Zoom. We begin June 19 at 4pm ET. All circle dates and details will be shared upon enrolling.

  • Within each circle, you can expect a totally safe space to see and be seen and to share and witness. I will hold you to your intentions and your sisters will support you as well. Additionally, I will channel a meditation expressly for the groups real time needs to help you align with your truth and highest self and come back to NOW, peace and clarity. 

  • A private Voxer (voice/text app) group chat with access 24/7 is also included to deepen our connection in between our gatherings. This can be used to share anything on your mind, ask for support or just be a witness. 

  • The circles will be recorded and you will have replay access for life so you can revisit whenever. I will also be providing various resources and a Reunited Summer playlist. 

  • Note that Reunited is a private sisterhood and you must meet the following requirements to enroll: you already value + cherish a personal spiritual practice and the power of support and/or a safe, loving sisterhood. You do not need to be super consistent with your practice now just as long as you have a foundational love for this type of work and community.


Q. Do I need to attend the circles live?

A. Although I believe you will get so much out of this by attending live and absolutely encourage you to make the space to be there and immerse yourself in the experience and sisterhood, the replays and any resources will be shared with you. Please let me know in advance if you need to be absent or arrive late.

Q. What is the time commitment?

A. Each circle will be about 60 minutes and are held biweekly. There will also be pop up circles in July and August announced once we begin. You may spend additional time outside of our circles connecting with the other women in our private Voxer chat or exploring the resources I share, however, that is entirely up to you. There is no "right" way to do or be in Reunited - we will meet you exactly where you are. 

Q. How many women will be in REUNITED?

A. I am limiting this container to a small number of women in order to ensure each women is held and we already have a circle forming. Enrollment is only open until those spaces are spoken for, so save your spot now or contact me with questions asap if you're feeling called.

Q. I'm shy / I'm a coach, teacher, healer, mentor myself / I'm in a really good place right now / I'm an unpredictable, wild unicorn (lol) ... is this for me

A. YES YES YES & YES. Come as you are. I am here to hold you in the most loving of spaces and your only requirement is to have a love for connection and an elevated spiritual practice. I assure you, ALL are welcome. And all have been in my previous programs and ascended like woah. We're waiting for you.

Q. I want to add on private 1:1 coaching and/or one of your self-led courses to supplement this work. What are my options?

A. Love this and I got you! Just send me a message or book a call and we can go over options. As clients, you will also be eligible for special bundle pricing. 

Q. This is definitely a yes for me but the investment won't work - can you help?

A. Although investing in ourselves is one of the most pivotal steps of our expansion, I understand and an extended payment plan is available. You are also more than welcome to schedule a call with me to discuss any questions- let's identify options. If it's calling you, there's a reason and I want you with us.





By purchasing you agree to the terms + conditions 


*If you have questions, let's connect! Book a free 

co-creation clarity callsend me a message or DM me on IG.

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