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REUNITED is a powerfully activating 3 month group coaching container and private sisterhood (with a new one month only option for Reunited in 2024) designed to help you remember exactly who you are, and align you with *those dreams*

by reuniting you with the power of sacred connection, the NOW, and an elevated spiritual and science-backed practice...


And we are calling YOU in, love!

Do you have a big vision on your heart but know you're

definitely not meant to do it alone (no one is!) and so you're

craving unbeatable support, easy but actionable steps

+ some loving accountability?

Do you want to form truly safe, supportive connections with other women also on a similar spiritual path of ascension? Women who will see you for who you are and lift you all the way up so you can let your guard down completely and let your light shine in a new way?


Do you want to experience all of the incredibly powerful and transformational benefits of reuniting with the now moment

(THE vortex of creation) so you can tell a new story more easily

 and step into all that's possible more and more?

Are you ready for a regular and elevated spiritual practice

(guided by me and just for you!) plus science backed methods

so you can relax into more clearly hearing your soul's call

and take confident action in the 3D?

Do you want to stand firm in exactly who you are so you can

feel your true power and be newly inspired?




REUNITED includes 2 sacred coaching + meditative circles per month with safe space to hear and be heard and see and be seen, channeled next-level meditations, intuitive coaching + so much more magic! There is also a private Voxer group chat open 24/7 for community and on the spot support (worth it alone, Voxer is a private voice/text app and it's like having the group and a lifeline in your hand - aka jump in for shares, witnessing, support, coaching, meme dumps, etc. anytime), plus all replays, an epic playlist, and custom resources are also included. And NEW for 2024, join us for an optional PLEASURE PAUSE 2x/month for an unstructured ~30 minutes to deepen into connection and joy plus be supported! Eek!

 Note that REUNITED is a private sisterhood and you must meet the following requirements to enroll: you already value + cherish a personal spiritual practice AND the power of connection / sisterhood. You do not need to be consistent with your practice,

just have a foundational love or desire for this type

of work and community.

In REUNITED, you will know exactly who you are and what you stand for (unapologetically!), your confidence and sense of peace and joy will grow as your capacity to expand does as well, you will never feel alone on your path and make soul connections that will last lifetimes, and your biz, life + relationships will all improve

like wild as a result.

REUNITED is ready to welcome you!




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Invest in full for April , May, + June
PLUS get a BONUS psychic Oracle reading
OR mini 1:1 coaching + healing session
PLUS get access to a BONUS group NLP reprogramming

session at the end of June and save $$$
= $1555

Invest for April, May, + June via 4 monthly payments
PLUS get access to a BONUS group NLP reprogramming
session at the end of June and save $$ 

= 4 monthly payments of $399

Invest for April - June via 9 biweekly payments
PLUS get access to a BONUS group NLP reprogramming
session at the end of June and save $ 

= 9 biweekly payments of $188


Invest in full for APRIL only
= $621
(note: April access is from 4/15 - 5/10)

Invest in APRIL only via 2 monthly payments
= 2 monthly payments x $333
note: April access is from 4/15 - 5/10)

Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 1.48.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 1.49.10 PM.png


Q. Do I need to attend the virtual coaching/meditative circles live?

A. Although I believe you will love attending live, the coaching circle replays will be shared and will be just as potent so no worries.

Q. What is the time commitment?

A. We meet weekly on Mondays at 4pm est; the schedule will be sent to you upon enrollment OR contact me for the full schedule now . Each live coaching/meditative circle is scheduled for ~1 hour. Also, you can spend as much or as little time as you like in our private 24/7 Voxer group chat, attending Pleasure Pause (~30 mins), or exploring resources.  We will also have a BONUS group subconscious reprogramming session at the end of June for those enrolled for all 3 months. April-only access runs from 4/15 - 5/10 and the first coaching/meditative circle in April is on 4/15.

Q. How many women will be in REUNITED?

A.  I limit all my live group containers to an intimate size in order to ensure a spacious, safe, and activating environment. If you are feeling called, LEAP now to ensure your sacred spot is secure.

Q. I have no experience in groups / I've never done this type of work / I'm shy / I'm a coach or healer this for me? 

A. YES YES YES & YES. Come as you are. I am here to hold you in the most loving of spaces. I assure you, all are welcome. And all have been in my previous programs and ascended like woah. We're waiting for you.

Q. Is there an option to upgrade and add on additional 1:1 support?

A. Yes! And I would love to connect with you! Contact me. 

Q. REUNITED is a full body yes for me but I am struggling with the investment options. Can you help?

A. Yes! Contact me and let me know about your situation.

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Is this YOUR moment?

By purchasing you agree to the terms + conditions 


If you have questions, let's connect! 

Send me an email, or DM me on IG, or schedule a free call

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