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Coaching & Mentorship

Are YOU looking for an in-depth total transformation?

Are you interested in being deeply supported in a 1:1 relationship with a compassionate, intuitive coach, mentor & healer (that’s me!)?

Did you know studies prove that those who have someone providing incredible support + tools and also holding them accountable are far more likely to meet their goals than if they tried on their own? Like 75% more likely! It's true!


I believe all of us deserve to have sacred space and highly attuned support and I know, it works! It makes all the difference between wishing and hoping and stagnating to doing and having and being. And it’s from the place of BEing, our lives rapidly transform.


It is my total honor to hold you in the safest of spaces, to provide a soft place to unravel, and to co-create and guide you on a custom plan to move from your current state to your desired state. 




Learn more about all my offerings for coaching & support below OR send me a message anytime...​


Laser Coaching

60 minute 1:1 coaching - single session 

This option is designed for anyone who is looking for an individual session of in-depth, transformative coaching in which we get right to the heart of the matter. This is a great refresher in between longer packages or also perfect if you're desiring a quick and effective boost. Leave our session with action steps to carry you forward with ease and an unmatched feeling of being fully supported. If meeting virtually, this also includes your session replay. ​LEARN MORE HERE


The Joyous Journey

60 minute 1:1 session

Align your heart & access your inherent joy. This session includes a heart-centered & highly personalized guided meditation plus gentle & safe (for all!) joyous movement.Walk away with an air of lightness & a deep sense of joy that will impact you profoundly. If meeting virtually, this also includes your session replay. ​LEARN MORE HERE

Presence & Ascension Coaching / Mentorship

3 months of you + me = magic 

Are you ready to go all in? Are you committed to your presence and/or expansion but you know it takes dedicated, intuitive and total loving care to get there? Then presence & ascension coaching with me + you is what you're seeking! For those ready to BE & expand more than ever before, this option will find you fully supported in the container of coaching for 3 months with a total of up to twelve 60 minute 1:1 sessions. Add-on Voxer coaching (private text/voice app) is also available. Each session includes definitive action steps to carry you forward with ease, clarity and confidence. If meeting virtually, this also includes your session replays. LEARN MORE HERE*

Are you interested in taking a COURSE with me and/or attending an EVENT? 

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