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Transmute your sacred rage, honor your inner bitch,
and magnetize the ecstatic
life you desire  



Come as you are.

Drop into the NOW.






  • We will circle in our sacred, cozy container weekly for 4 weeks for 60-75 minutes via Zoom. We begin Fall 2022. 

  • The circles will be recorded and shared with you so you have access forever.

  • A private Voxer (voice/text app) group chat is included to deepen our connection in between gatherings. 

  • A Q/A session will also be scheduled to provide further support.

  • The only requirement is your willingness to show up as you are. I will take care of the rest! 

Let's Go!!!

By purchasing, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Note, you will be contacted within 1 business day of your purchase with next steps!

and if I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take for you to name


Q. Do I need to attend the circles live?

A. Although I believe you will get so much out of this by attending live and absolutely encourage you to make the space to be there and immerse yourself in the experience and sisterhood, the replays and any resources will be shared with you. Please let me know in advance if you need to be absent or arrive late.

Q. What is the time commitment?

A. Each circle will be about 60-75 minutes max. You may spend additional time outside of our circles connecting with the other women in our private Voxer chat or exploring the practices I share, however, that is entirely up to you.

Q. How many women will be in Agony to Ecstasy?

A. I am limiting this container to a very small number of women in order to ensure the coziest of environments. Enrollment is only open until those spaces are spoken for, so save your spot or contact me with questions now if you're feeling called.

Q. I have no experience in groups / I've never done this type of work / I'm shy / I'm a coach / teacher / healer / mentor this for me? 

A. YES YES YES & YES. Come as you are. I am here to hold you in the most loving of spaces. I assure you, all are welcome. And all have been in my previous programs and ascended like woah. We're waiting for you.

Q. I want to add the Mini Mentorship (three 1:1 coaching sessions package) but I don't want to or can't pay in full and/or I don't want to start coaching right now. What are my options?  

A. I got you! Just send me a message and we will create a custom payment plan for you. Also know you are eligible to add this option on at any time during our time together in Agony to Ecstasy.

Q. This is definitely a yes for me but the investment won't work - can you help?

A. Although investing in ourselves is one of the most pivotal steps of our expansion, an extended payment plan is available. You are also more than welcome to schedule a call with me to discuss any questions- let's identify options.



 I cannot wait to see who else says YES to Agony to Ecstasy!!!

Is it YOU?

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